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Reid Brody

Co-Founder/Executive Producer

No one is in a better position to launch a company like Provider Media than Reid Brody. A serial entrepreneur who’s played a key role in building some of the most successful companies in the production and post production industries, Reid knows what it takes to create efficiency, value and trust.

A co-founder or partner in companies like Filmworkers Club, Treehouse Edit, Color Collective, Quriosity Productions, The Colonie, Ammo Content and 2DS Productions, Reid has done everything from partner with ad agencies and brands to working with top producers, directors, editors and colorists to producing indie features in Hollywood. His vision for Provider Media is based on his experience starting and growing companies that now feel like monuments to how business used to be done.

A self-described “rogue son of Jewish retail,” Reid walked away from the family business, one of the oldest fish markets in Chicago, and chose to develop his business acumen in more creative settings. A musician with an interest in technology, he found his way into post production, where he eventually wound up at the Chicago office of Editel, one of the first multi-city post facilities in the US.

From there he used his contacts with both ad agencies and program producers to co-found Filmworkers Club, a top color correction and VFX studio, which grew to include offices in Dallas, Chicago, and Nashville. Reid expanded the company’s service offering to handle a broad range of media categories, and began to invest in and advise fellow entrepreneurs launching their own studios in areas as diverse motion graphics, digital production and creative editorial.

Along the way, Reid found time to co-produce a number of independent features. An accomplished writer, director, songwriter and music producer, he’s combined his success with Filmworkers with his innate business savvy and creative instincts, giving him a unique perspective on creative trends and the evolving technologies of production and post for both advertising and entertainment clients.

Joanne Ferraro

Co-Founder/Executive Producer

From managing one of the industry’s top live action production houses to leading and growing some of the best-known brands in post production, Provider Media Co-Founder / Executive Producer Joanne Ferraro brings a wealth of experience to the company.

As EP for the New York office of bi-coastal Spot Welders, she was responsible for everything from building the roster to overseeing sales, marketing and client relations, approaching each with her usual calm demeanor and get-it-done attitude. Beyond just creative editorial, she brought in an independent visual effects and finishing solution as well as color grading, and opened the doors for the company to work in VR, AR and Mixed Reality.

Prior to Spot Welders, Joanne held management positions at Beast and BlueRock, where she grew both the talent rosters as well as the bottom lines. Her segue to post came after five years as Managing Director for Coppos Films, an A-list commercial production house launched by former Chiat\Day art director Mark Coppos.

Joanne’s intro to the industry was kind of like being discovered at Schwab’s in Hollywood. Fresh out of SUNY, where she was a double major in psychology and education, she was between teaching assignments and waitressing at a restaurant on Fire Island. It just happened to be owned by Phil Suarez, partner of the legendary director Bob Giraldi, and of course was a magnet for movers and shakers in the ad industry. It wasn’t long before she was working at BBDO, where she not only found a career, but a husband, too. Happily, both are still together.

Throughout her professional life Joanne has nurtured strong, loyal relationships with every facet of the industry. Her reputation led AICP to tap her in ’04 to Chair the AICP Show and Conference, and she continues to serve on its Board of Governors. A natural mentor, she’s guided the careers of countless editors, directors and sale reps. At Provider Media, she brings the sum of her experience, connections and vision to bear, assembling bespoke teams that will meet or exceed any client’s expectations.




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