Mission Statement


Provider Media is, if anything, a company born of its times. It arrives as the concept of ‘virtual’ post production is more widely accepted than ever before.




It comes together thanks to the connection of its founding partners, both with deep insight and vast experience in the production and post production marketplace.

It takes advantage of a confluence of circumstances, from the steady march of top talent into the freelance artist and editor ranks to the need for clients – be they brands, ad agencies, program producers or feature filmmakers – to do way more with often lots less.

It delivers seamless, one-stop solutions ranging from creative editorial to visual effects, design and audio post and mixing, without restrictions on where the work has to be performed or under whose banner, guided by experienced professionals with impressive career credentials.

It taps into a national network of connections and partnerships to ensure that the right talent is assembled on an ad hoc basis to meet the needs of each individual project.

And it does this without the overhead of a bricks and mortar studio, the expense of hardware sitting on its books or a massive weekly payroll to meet. Small but mighty teams will be located in each city to handle the specific needs of each and every client and deliver work on a boutique level.

Provider Media reflects the way people work today: highly fluid, easily scalable, offering an abundance of choice and myriad options to get from point A to point B. A call to Provider gives you an instant post production infrastructure and a wealth of resources, whether you’re a production company needing to package post to meet a budget or win a job, or an agency that needs to white label a project to meet client demands.


A Concierge Approach to Post Production and More

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